When it comes to your oral health, early detection is key. Dr. Jason Martin and Dr. Jason Schlueter at Lakewinds Dental understands this, and has made a commitment to use the latest technology in detecting and addressing small problems with your mouth and teeth, before they become large, pricey problems. Our office has made in an investment in the Cam X Spectra Caries Detection Aid, which helps our dentists spot and deal with cavities on your teeth, before they have a chance to do a great deal of damage. If you would like to learn more about the Cam X Spectra and the other technology we employ, call 231-845-7240 today.

When looking for a diagnosing dental caries or cavities, it doesn’t pay to “take your best guess.” To effectively find and treat cavities in your smile, they need to be found early and with precision. Once a problem is located, it can be dealt with before it increases in size. The Cam X Spectra Caries Detection Aid is a compact, hand-held device that can not only locate caries, but is also the perfect device for finding the plaque and calculus which can lead to gum disease. By using the Spectra, our dentists can easily see the trouble spots on your teeth, and detect the differences between plaque and healthy enamel. This translates into accurate and efficient care for your teeth, and better oral and overall health for you!