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Did you know that dentures are a highly effective tooth restoration treatment that can replace lost or missing teeth? Dentures are highly desirable because they can be inserted into gaps where missing teeth once were. It is important to replace any missing teeth with a reliable restoration such as dentures, as leaving missing teeth untreated can give rise to plaque buildup, an increased rate of tooth decay and can cause tooth slippage.

For the best care, contact our dentist for a custom denture treatment. Dentures can be crafted for a few teeth at a time, known as partial dentures, or for entire rows of teeth, known as complete dentures. It is important to assess your oral health care needs and speak with us about which is best for you.

Dentures are fragile, so you’ll need to exercise care when handling them. If they should ever break or crack, bring them into our dentist for repairs. Never try to repair your dentures yourself as you can put the rest of your mouth in danger. Soak your dentures every night in a denture-cleaning solution and avoid using bleach, teeth whiteners or any other overly abrasive materials on them.

If you would like to set up an appointment with Dr. Jason Martin at our dental office in Ludington, Michigan, for denture care, please call us at 231-845-7240. Our team at Lakewinds Dental looks forward to keeping your smile complete with dentures.