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If you play sports you really should consider wearing a mouthguard during practices and games. If there is a chance that you get sustain an impact to your face, then a mouthguard is a must. During the season, you should make sure that your mouthguard stays clean and in good shape.

You should brush your teeth before and after you put your mouthguard in. This will help prevent the transfer of bacteria between your mouth and the mouthguard. You should brush your mouthguard on a regular basis using soap and water and soaking it in an antibacterial solution. Make certain that you brush your mouthguard after every use. You should keep it stored in a clean, vented case so that the air can reach it. This will prevent bacteria and mold from accumulating on it.

You should have a new custom mouthguard made at the start of every sports season. However, if it becomes cracked and pitted from wear, you will need a new one. These cracks and holes give bacteria places to hide, which can cause health problems for you. You can make your mouthguard last longer by not chewing on it when you have it in.

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